You can get your vagina tightened, or reconstruct your vagina by undergoing Vaginoplasty at Enhance Clinics for a very affordable price. This plastic surgery is used to reconstruct a damaged vaginal canal, mucous membrane, and vulvovaginal structure caused by congenital disease, cancer or any other physical trauma. In this surgery, extra vaginal lining is removed and the soft muscles and tissues around the area are tightened. Post-surgery, the results differ from patient to patient. In some cases, sexual intercourse is allowed after a week. In the case of younger and fertile women, fertilisation and menstruation is assured as soon as your ovaries and uterus align with the normal functioning of your body. For some patients, vaginal childbirth is also possible.

Prior to the surgery, anesthesia is administered. Any kind of tenderness or discomfort felt by the patient is controlled by pain medication. For performing Vaginoplasty, an incision is made in the selected area by the genitals. The loosened muscles are tightened. The diameter of the opening of the vagina is lessened by minimising the vaginal lining (mucosa). When the surgery is done, the incision is closed using sutures and later the area is dressed. Besides the pure reason of cosmetic surgery, Vaginoplasty is also performed on women who were born with a deformed vagina. Different kinds of procedures are applied for this surgery such as balloon Vaginoplasty, buccal mucosa, colovaginoplasty, don flap (labia minor flap), McIndoe technique, penile inversion and vecchietti procedure. At Enhance Clinics, we guarantee you proper treatment and satisfactory results.