We do not entertain refund/s to the product/s dispatched and the receipt of the same has been generated. However, we do entertain such requests only under special circumstances:

  • Non-delivery of the Product: You may contact us for an assistance if the product you purchased failed to deliver due to technical reasons. For example, there can be a technical fault (in case, if you fail to receive a delivery email from our end). If you entrap yourself under any similar situation, you may contact us for an assistance. Here you need to submit the claims for non- delivery of the product/s in writing within 7 days from the date of the order placed.
  • Major Defects: Though all our products are tested thoroughly before they are made available for consumption, still, some unexpected defects may occur. If you face any such issues, you are requested to bring it to the notice of our technical support team for a replacement. In case, if we do not have any replacement of the product you originally purchased (though this situation does arise), you will get its refund.

In the case of any queries, you may contact our technical support team, as and when required