Mole & wart removal

The beauty of clean, healthy skin is incomparable. Certain problems, infections or diseases can lead to unclear skin. Some of the problems that lead to skin irregularities are moles, warts, and skin tags. You can now get rid of these problems and get beautiful skin with treatment at Hair Transplant Laser & Beauty Clinic. Doctors at the clinic are highly-educated and have the experience of performing many successful surgeries.

Warts are caused due to a viral infection. They come up in different kinds of presentations and are mainly seen on the hands, feet and face. Various treatment options are available for warts such as peels, topical agents, and permanent removal. Cauterization or an ablative laser is preferred for the removal of most kinds of warts. A mole is another kind of spot that appears on your skin at the time of your birth that forms either in a group or individually. Moles can change color and form slowly with time. Sometimes, you may also find development of hair on the mole. The technique and procedure for the removal of the mole depends upon its size and location. This can range from cauterization to surgical excision. At Hair Transplant Laser & Beauty Clinic, skin tags are also removed. These are usually outgrowths that you can see in the groin area, armpits, and neck and are also removed with the help of the same procedure.

At Hair Transplant Laser & Beauty Clinic, all cases are treated with utmost importance. To get your treatment for Wart, Mole and Skin Tag Removal, visit our branch located in Banani, Dhaka.

Mole Removal

You can now get your mole removed and get regular skin by undergoing mole removal surgery at Hair Transplant Laser & Beauty Clinic. Moles are dark, black spots or irregularities found on your skin. They are of various sizes and shapes and can be found anywhere on your body and facial area. Mole removal is a cosmetic surgery procedure wherein a mole is removed either by operating or by using a laser. It helps improve your appearance and reduce possible health risks. You can get mole removal done from any of the branches of Hair Transplant Laser & Beauty Clinic located in Banani, Dhaka. There are many benefits of mole removal. Protruded moles cause disturbances while shaving. You can get rid of the irritation caused when your mole rubs against accessories or cloth. You can get clearer and smoother skin, which enhances your appearance and improves your self-esteem.

The technique used for mole removal depends upon the kind of mole the doctors are dealing with. Stitches may or may not be required as per the technique being used. For excision of your mole, our surgeons at Hair Transplant Laser & Beauty Clinic use a scalpel. They cut the mole, as well as the skin around it. Stitches are placed on the surface or within the skin as per the depth of the excision. It is a very simple surgery and we guarantee satisfactory results to our patients.

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