Hair Trabnsplant

We will start with understanding the basics behind hair transplant. Hair transplant is most commonly and widely used procedure to attain natural looking hair. Hair transplant in Bangaldesh is one of the turning points in hair and care industry and a miraculous invention of science which makes regrowth of hair possible in the most effective and painless way. It is a boon for those who have failed repeatedly in trying to get a relief from hair fall and have started losing hair or have already lost hair. People don’t usually go for hair transplantation surgery at first. They think it is costly and tend to fall prey to other so-called cheap substitutes. Finally, after getting disappointed and wasting their precious time and money, they then opt for it. For many, hair transplant comes as a ray of hope to help them get rid of their baldness. So, when and how to get hair transplant in Bangladesh? Timing is one of the most important factors that you should consider before getting hair transplant. You neither get it done too early nor too late. Here’s an answer to all your how’s, why’s and what’s.

What is the meaning of Hair Transplant?

We will start with understanding what is hair transplantation surgery. Males, most commonly suffer from pattern baldness. It usually begins from the top of the forehead and the crown. However, in almost all the cases hair present at the side of both the ears and behind are mostly unaffected. In some cases, baldness occurs only at the front, but in some severe cases it spreads and covers the entire crown. However, regardless of the severity of baldness, there will always be a patch of permanent hair, in the shape of horseshoe, present at the sides and the back of head. Hair fall does not occur in this area because these hair follicles are genetically resistant to the hormone dihydrotestosterone that is mainly responsible for hair fall. This region of permanent hair growth helps in your hair transplantation. As these hair strands withstand hair fall, they are transplanted to the bald areas. They grow and survive permanently, covering your bald patches.

How is hair transplant performed?

Now, let us understand the process of Hair transplantation. The process of hair transplant is also called as micro follicullar hit transplantation. Given ahead are a serious of steps that take place during the procedure of hair transplantation surgery.

  1. First of all, suitable hair is selected for the process. It should be done keeping in mind the facial and aesthetic dimensions of the head.
  2. Then hair is taken from the selected area that are going to be stitched into the affected region.
  3. The selected strip of hair is cut to prepare micro grafts and mini grafts.
  4. Micro grafts are then used to construct the front hairline. Mini grafts are used to cover bald patches beyond that.

The patient can go back home on the same day of the surgery. But, there might be some swelling in the forehead for few days. The patient is not allowed to was hair before the stitches are removed, that might take about a week.

What happens after the hair transplant?

After ten to twelve days of getting a hair transplantation surgery, the patient will observe hair growth is the affected regions. These new hairs are life long and are resistant to hair fall permanently. But, sometimes patient’s original hair might start falling after the surgery. In that case, the hair transplantation surgery procedure is performed again after six months. This will make the bald area dense.

Those men who have very few or no permanent hair present at the back or sides of their head, cannot go for the hair transplantation surgery process. The reason behind this is that the hair taken for the procedure of hair transplantation surgery must be healthy and capable of regrowth. But, it is very difficult to extract hair from region with thin or no growth.

When to go for a hair transplant?

Timing your hair transplantation surgery is extremely important. You may still be in your teens or early twenties and probably some hair will still be there on the front or on the crown. If you go for a hair transplant at this stage then your original hair may fall off after certain period of time, leave some bald less dense area even after the transplant. That’s not going to give you a pretty picture and you may again have to go for the surgery (with probably the same cost) just to cover that area. But if you are nearing 25 or are above 25 then you should go for the hair transplantation surgery. The original hair may be lost later but you can always have another session of hair transplantation surgery later on in life.