You can now easily get rid of freckles by undergoing laser Freckle Removal Treatment in Dhaka at Hair Transplant Laser & Beauty Clinic. Freckles are a way your skin tells you that you have had too much exposure to the sun. Freckles occur in multiple numbers. They are flat spots which start appearing at a very young age, but darken as they are exposed to the sun. For removing freckles from fair complexions, Ruby and Medlite lasers are used. For olive, Asian or darker complexions, Gemini lasers are the best.

Freckles usually occur on the part of your body which is exposed to the sun. They occur mostly in people with fair or light complexions, or people who have a genetic per-disposition to developing them.

Local anesthesia is administered prior to this treatment. The right kind of laser is selected depending upon the complexion of the patient. You will feel a certain sensation of snapping and heat. Soon after the treatment, the freckles become darker. This effect remains for one to two weeks, after which they scab and peel off. The surrounding skin becomes red and swollen. Ice packs or air coolers are used to alleviate this. Patients are advised to apply sunscreen post-treatment.

Here at Hair Transplant Laser & Beauty Clinic, we ensure the best Laser Freckle Control treatment with effective results. One to two sessions are required to carry out this procedure. You can visit our branches located in Banani, Dhaka.