Otoplasty Surgery, Ear Repair Surgery in Delhi, Mumbai

You can reconstruct any kind of external ear deformity by undergoing Otoplasty at Enhance Clinics at a very affordable price. Both surgical and non-surgical procedures can be used for the reconstruction. Deformities like absent external ear or any kind of trauma from a blast or burn is treated with this procedure. Our surgeons at Enhance Clinics correct this defect by creating an all new external ear which is normal in contour, proportion and appearance. This is done by moving and reshaping the augmentation cartilaginous framework that supports your pinna.

The defect or deformity is corrected by the surgeon by creating a natural ear. The new ear has a natural appearance, proportion and contour. It is usually achieved by augmenting, moving and finally reshaping the cartilaginous, which is the support framework of the pinna. The patient is put under anesthesia during this procedure. The contour of the ear is shaped with the help of an incision made at the side flat cartilage.

According to a study, 20%-30% of newborn children suffer from a deformity of the external ear at birth. The possible deformities are protuberant ears also called bat’s ears, pointed ears and helical rim deformity, etc. Some deformities are self-correcting but in other cases tissue-moulding tools such as taping, ear well, physician designed splints, and ear buddies are used for corrections. At Enhance Clinics, all cases are attended to with special care and all required treatment provided to the patient.