Dermatology deals with the skin and its diseases, it is a unique specialty with both medical and surgical aspects. At Enhance Clinics, we take care of diseases, in the widest sense and cosmetic problems of the skin, scalp and hair. We provide all the latest and safe procedures to make your skin looking great under Doctors guidance. Enhance Clinics has emerged as the first choice of patients suffering from long standing, ill-treated dermatological conditions. At Enhance Clinics we aim to offer our patients services using the latest non-surgical aesthetic techniques. Doctors are highly trained and possess years of experience in his field of expertise. The staff here provides a friendly, confidential and professional service in a comfortable and relaxing setting

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Meghna Dutta

I have struggled with acne for the past five years, and it was really getting me down. I had tried so many different products, and none seemed to work. Now, after visiting Enhance and getting treated there the difference is amazing – my skin is almost totally clear, the texture is massively improved. I am so much more confident, and would definitely recommend Enhance for anybody struggling with Acne.

Aarti Gulati

I was 43 years old, loved my life, kids and husband and couldn’t figure out why I was so unhappy and tired. Other doctors just threw prescription anti-depressants at me but Enhance truly cared about solving my problem. After their anti-ageing treatment, I feel blessed, like I’m twenty again. I have become even tempered and no longer face self-damaging mood swings anymore. I recommend Enhance to anyone who wants to live their youth again.


I am from Delhi and am 33 years old. I went to Enhance and had my face, underarms, legs and arms treated for hair removal and now I’m completely hair free in these areas. For me, Enhance was the best solution for hair removal. I haven’t picked up a razor since my treatment. It’s been months since I shaved my underarms. It feels liberating!

Rajat Nangia

I had a single skin peel and medical microdermabrasion. This removed all the black heads on my nose and its sides. My forehead felt smoother, but the biggest help for me was the difference it made to shaving. I suffer from facial hair stuck under the skin or curling back on its self, which can cause cuts when shaving with a razor. I discovered after the treatment that I did not suffer from cuts caused by hair under the skin for the period after the treatment. I found this treatment excellent.

Sumona Kaushik

I had dark brown sun spots all over my cheeks for two years. I gave up looking for a solution until I went for my consultation at Enhance. I was skeptical at first, but now I feel great. All my pigmentation marks have gone after only three treatments and now I am more confident going into my business meetings and being social with my friends like I once used to. Thank You Enhance.

Achla Sachdeva

About 15 years ago, I had my spleen removed through a 6 inch incision in my abdomen. The scar healed TERRIBLY! It reddened and became prominent. Enhance did such a wonderful job revising the scar that now it is hardly noticeable. I have since had additional procedures and couldn’t be happier with all of my results.

Srijana Pradhan

Well, I give 5 stars to Enhance. This ugly green tattoo was taking a long time to disappear even after a lot of treatments that I tried out. Enhance is very professional and did a great job. They recently obtained a new laser machine that works much better on green inks, and I had 2 or 3 treatments here and thats when I started noticing a difference. It is totally and completely gone with no scarring or any residue at all. Fantastic!