Cosmetic Surgery

A pleasant appearance can open doors to new opportunities whereas unattractive looks may just find the same avenues closed. Aesthetic surgery, popularly known as cosmetic surgery, has developed and become popular in the last decade because of increasing awareness and desire for self improvement. The demand for cosmetic surgery is at an all time high now. Although almost all persons are benefited from aesthetic surgery, there are patients who are not good candidates for cosmetic surgery, either because of their unrealistic expectations, or technical limitations like age, and mental and physical health. If a patient is undergoing surgery for someone elses wishes, the chances of disappointment are very high. In almost all cases (except few), the patient can go home the same day or requires only one day stay in the hospital.

Before & After



My name is Afeefa. I am a hairstylist operating out of Mumbai. Mr. Mohinder Amarnath who is a have a lot of queries from clients about hair transplants and now I straightway direct them to you. I am keen to know about other cosmetic enhancements that you are in to so I can recommend the same to my clients.


I am Kenny, from South West of Nigeria. I ve been to Dr. Khanna s clinic on two occasions, in 2009 and again last year in December just before Christmas when my wife and I visited his clinic in Kolkata. He performed a hair removal surgery on my wife on both occasions. Dr. Khanna is the best surgeon I ve ever met. As a matter of fact, he did such an amazing treatment on my wife that its hard to believe she the same woman. I always thank God and Dr. Khanna for the job well done.

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