You can now reconstruct your breasts the way you want at Enhance Clinics. It is a surgical procedure designated for women who are in need of reconstructing their breasts due to medical reasons or any other cause. Women who undergo a mastectomy due to breast cancer or other medical condition can opt for this procedure. Reconstruction is also performed during the amputation procedure itself.

Types of Breast Reconstruction

There are various kinds of breast implants carried out at the clinic. One of the widely used implantations is a silicon implant in which silicon filling and surface is used which comes in various shapes and sizes. In case of the Becker implant, there is a thick silicon surface with filling inside.


The surgery for breast reconstruction is divided into two main categories: a) reconstruction is done by using tissue from another part of the body b) a stretcher is inserted which is later replaced with an implant.

The most commonly used procedure is the usage of a stretcher. In this procedure, after the breast is amputated, a balloon-like item, the stretcher, is inserted inside the skin and the muscles of the chest. It consists of a special valve which can be filled up from the outside. The implant is continuously filled with a special solution to the point when the skin has stretched sufficiently. After this, the implant is inserted. It usually takes 3 to 6 months for a successfully reconstructed breast to gain its final shape after which the nipples are constructed.

The doctors at our clinic are highly experienced and educated. They handle every case with utmost responsibility thus providing highly satisfactory results to their patients.